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Serenity Wiped Out

Now piles of half-sorted stuff have wiped out any semblance of serenity. Our back porch is awash with the contents of the garage’s attic and part Doug’s office. Our last respite from the moving boxes is gone! Not that we’ve spent much time out there in recent weeks – it’s been too hot!

But, because of the heat, I predict I will toss or recycle more memorabilia than pack . It’s amazing how little I want or  think I might need in hot weather !

I am almost at the point of giving the homebuyers a discount if they’ll take the contents along with the house. I just want to get to where we’re going. Ironic then that today the sermon was about journey and destination. (Hebrews 11:8-10)

Specially, I won’t understand my journey until I understand my destination.

When we first moved to Texas, I did not understand why we had to uproot ourselves . . . yet, I understand it has been a wonderful time, rich with people and experiences that have changed me.

Moving again reminds me my stuff isn’t really mine – anymore than a house is a permanent abode however long we live in it. Everything really is on loan. Especially people. “We can’t take hostages of the people who move through our lives. Holding tightly to the past — the known – can shut us off from God’s invitation to grow.” (A friend’s comment)

Feeling uprooted again  – well it’s one more leg on a journey I still don’t fully understand, but I’m glad to be making.

There will be a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning. ~Louis L’Amour

A Bit O' Serenity

A Bit O’ Serenity

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