This is a big year for Boomers: if we made it this far, we are celebrating a birthday we thought only grandparents had celebrated.  Yet, here we are — adapting  the words of Anne Sexton, 

In a dream you are never [seventy-five]. ~  “Old,” 1962

Throughout much of the day, I do not feel like I am 75; at other moments, I am sure of it! Still, grateful I am that I remain in good shape for the share I am in . . . and I care about remaining in good shape — 

A bear, however hard he tries,
Grows tubby without exercise…
~A. A. Milne, “Teddy Bear,” When We Were Very Young, 1924

About the Boomers

It may be that my generation, the Boomers,  made exercising a way of life especially as we discovered our youth slipping into middle age.  Frankly, girth and gravity remind every generation to move it or lose it. 

 Moderate exercise is indispensable; exercise till the mind feels delight in reposing from the fatigue. ~Socrates

To that end, I’ve put the FITBIT back on; it buzzes every hour on the hour urging me to move it! Did you know that sedentary folks invite the kind of serious health issues that cigarettes created? (Sitting VS Smoking)

Yes, it’s a good goad, but it’s not so annoying I can’t ignore while power napping. 

 Power-napping keeps my inner two-year old controlled. Napping is mandatory  since I have eliminated the comfort food I once kept in the house. (It’s Not a Race It’s a Wrestling Match) 

shopping list

A list from the former days

So bare are our cabinets from their former bounty of  “goodies” our oldest grandchild reported to her mom, she’s worried Mimi and Papa don’t have enough food to eat. 

But I Digress. 

This is about the realization that 2021 is a big year for Boomers,  for those of us born in 1946. I am grateful  I still  have friends who are reaching the distinction of being older than dirt . . .

Friendships mean a lot — and are as valuable and worth tending as our health.  COVID, etc has changed  too many relationships. Or, it has become a lame excuse become more self-absorbed — not a good use of time at the three quarters of a century mark!  

My childhood friends have tolerated each other’s quirks, and overlooked our failures cheered our successes, and been genuinely interested in each other’s paths —paths which have been many and varied.  It has and is time well spent. 


Mine Never Did, Anyway

A good friend is a connection to life — a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world. ~ Lois Wyse


A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even if you are half-cracked. ~Author Unknown

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