Last Year’s Advice Makes the Same Sense This Year —

This time last year, in the post I wrote – I gave myself some advice. Here’s the short version: In tough times, pray more, worry less. (SPRING)

Last year when I read Diane Mandt Langberg’s suggestion to those facing intractable troubles, it made sense.   Perhaps all the craziness and cruelty looms, not because God expects me to fix the brokenness. Or, that He wants my opinions about it.

“Is it possible that God has called us . . . so that we might pray,” Diane Mandt Langberg asks?

Our intercession can cover far more people and situations than we can ever help in the literal sense . . . It is in the process of interceding that God’s purpose and wise order is brought about in this world. ” ( In Our Lives First: Meditations for Counselors, p.13, 14)

This year – this week – more Syrian people . . . children . . . died because of poison gas.

Revulsion, shock, sorrow, and fear fracture my prayers

But pray I will.

Everyone needs someone to be with them in their fire. ~ Ann Voskamp

I could ask myself: So, in one year, then, how has my prayer life expanded as this old world’s sanity seems to be contracting?

Not much.

The past year though, has shown me a better question: how have I gotten to know God better through my intercession.

Not as well as I could have.

I read of others’ sweet intimacy – and realize I too often hang back – holding onto that crazy carnal notion that I ought to shape myself up before asking again for help with the same old problems. Even after all these years, too! And then I recognize, I am asking again for me my troubles and trials.

Sometimes the dichotomy between the splendor and horror that life is shuts me up. Fear and doubt get mixed up with my needs, and I can’t think of anything to say except Help me! Help the people I love, and please help the hurting.

That’s not a way to work out a relationship.

The Psalms help me pray – especially as I have come to know Moses, David, Solomon, and Asaph. But, I am really glad the Lord Jesus taught His disciples how to pray.

Somehow, repeating those phrases – no, praying them, addressing them to a God, who is, helps. Especially this morning.

a reminder to pray

New Life — A Reminder to Pray

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