Monday looks like another blockbuster of great day . . . just looking outside.


The View from our Window —

Plus, I picked up new glasses: ones to compensate for the blurriness that “ripening” cataracts are generating. Maybe it’s me, but as “new” as these specs appear, they remind me of the glasses my father wore in the 1960’s.

Speaking of new:

We may have elected ourselves some new leaders. Their election ignited an out pouring of joy around the country, and some angst.  Hopefully Mr. Biden and Ms Harris will be like a new prescription through which to see the ripening problems that blur our common sense and civility.

Unfortunately, though, when the justifiable exuberance wanes, our national problems will not. They may “ripen.”

Yes, we elected some new faces, but many old hands will return to National and local offices. COVID wasn’t defeated, nor were the international challenges overthrown. (This Too Shall Pass. . . Seriously?)

How will we see what unfolds? How will we listen to those things we might not want to hear?  (Old Memories are Still Fresh)


A better Prescription to See

Today my hearing aid is Psalm 27, thanks to Dr. Michael Youssef.  (It’s a good use of about thirty minutes!)

As the workweek begins I pray for Mr. Trump, too,  as I wish our new leaders well:

So here’s my simple prayer for President Biden:

May God bless him and grant him the wisdom to know what’s just, the courage to do what’s just, and the stamina to withstand the rigors of the most difficult job in the world. May his virtuous plans prevail and may his unrighteous efforts fail. And may God protect him from all harm.

But there’s a prayer for believers as well. ~David French



And there really isn’t anything NEW under the sun, son.

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