christmas crab

Christmas Cold Makes Me Crabby

Blame it on the weather or the season or that the germ lottery came up with my number – I won first crack at the Christmas cold. Not a good development when the whole season is about giving. Everyone hopes I’ll keep it to myself.

Griping about the common cold garners little sympathy, especially because its tentacles have entwined round most everybody’s hearth this happy holiday. So, as I stared at an accumulating wastebasket full of tissues, I got to thinking how location can change a girls’ perspective. Kleenex does not abound in a war zone. (Syrian Wives and Mothers Left Behind) Or, in the aftermath of an F-4 tornado. (Total Devastation) Or, in a disastrous flood zone that threatens  Missouri.

Nothing like the news to push a girl off her pity pot, an unattractive, precarious perch for an old bird.

How are you doing, gentle reader? Feeling great, or grouchy? What helps you this week after Christmas?

Remembering that the manger is empty, helps me: that the blessed Babe whose birth we just celebrated, lives and is praying for me to get a grip, and think outside the wonderful box my life is. (Hebrews 7:25)

  • You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart. ~Author Unknown
  • Joy’s a subtle elf;
    I think man’s happiest when he forgets himself. ~Cyril Tourneur



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