Surveying the snow-encrusted flowerbeds from the warmth of our living room, I noted something is growing: the icicles. Fortunately, warmer days have melted these lengthening daggers that warned me, stay inside.


Threatening Icicles

Since slipping on the ice is no way to enjoy a day, I didn’t need to be told twice to stay off the streets – until our daughter suggested a shopping adventure, a friend set up lunch, and Doug got cabin fever.

Being mobile, but wary I have been enjoying the recent snow days, outside and in. When I wasn’t out and about, I enjoyed a few other delights, despite the icicles’ ominous presence.

Here are three unexpected joys that bloomed in my autumn’s garden:


Icicles Weren’t So Scary

  1. Watching our oldest grandchild cavort in our snow-covered backyard, thrilled to be the first to “mess it up.”  Watching I remembered that thrill of scampering through several inches of snow, but feeling gratitude that snow was not melting on the inside of my shoes!
  2. “Hosting” the Bible study friends because of the icy conditions. It’s a blessing to have a home to open up and to be with people who want read the Bible. It’s a bigger blessing to have friends who venture forth to visit!
  3. Discovering a life-perspective because of homeschooling mom’s ingenuity. (Snowflakes and the Microscope) She introduced me to Wilson Bentley whose words made me think about

The snow crystals . . . come to us not only to reveal the wondrous beauty of the minute in Nature, but to teach us that all earthlybeauty is transient and must soon fade way. But though the beauty of the snow is evanescent, like the beauties of the autumn, as of the evening sky, it fades but to come again. –

Too sappy?

Granted – but few have mastered writing about grumpiness taming it into readable prose – or poetry for that matter. Where is Andy Rooney when we could use a laugh?

 It’s paradoxical that the idea of living a long life appeals to everyone, but the idea of getting old doesn’t appeal to anyone.

Oh, I just remembered! I have an indoor walking DVD for seasoned citizens, enabling us to keep up the pace, even in our living rooms! I better close the computer, and start it! More icicles are in the forecast!


Take Away from all those ICICLES!

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