A Lunch Take-Away

I had lunch with a friend whose life and faith in God encourage and inspire me. For all that we share in Christ, however, we do not agree on recent current events that are splitting our nation apart.

No, she is convinced of one set of “facts,” and I, the other.

Yet, as we talked, I could see how her reasoning had merit. I understood why she’s come to her conclusions. And she listened to my thoughts.

It’s really a good thing to hear what friends say, and not social media!

Moreover, she left me with some winsome food for thought: Pray for those politicians who are driving me nuts. After all, she concluded, somebody prayed for Nebuchadnezzar.

Well, that shut my mouth.

And this from the morning’s readings, an eloquent petition confirmed a path for today :

A Prayer

Dear Lord, forgive us.

Forgive our heard hearts—so rarely showing
real love to you and your neighbors.

Forgive our week [sic] heads—so rarely thinking
for you with depth, imagination, daring, and trust.

Forgive our closed ears—so rarely listening
to your still voice and the needs of those
close around us.

Forgive our clenched hands—so rarely open
to give generously to you and others
and to reach out in friendship.

Forgive our willful tongues—so rarely stopping
before uttering words to cause hurt and trouble.

Lord, help us now. We want to be better people by your Holy Spirit. Please forgive us through Jesus Christ. (The Park Forum ~Forgiveness to Soften the Hardened)

Friendships in an autumn garden  are so worth cultivating in times of weeds and drought.

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