Here’s a sketch of Doug and me leaning into a walk down memory lane, enjoying a serenade by a favorite and familiar artist. The first tune James Taylor crooned was My Blue Heaven by Hoagy Carmichael, a favorite of Doug.

new sketch

As we twirled a bit, I remember a surprise dancing party planned for my thirtieth birthday. Oh I wish I had pictures of that one!

Doug told me we were going to dinner and a play at the Kennedy Center. It was all subterfuge to get us to dress up; I mean me in my ball gown, and him in his tux.  Halfway to Washington, Doug allowed as how he forgot the tickets, so we made a U-turn and returned to our home.

Surprise: there were no tickets; there were a few couples of our friends, also dressed to the nines. They had planned a superlative potluck, and we danced to records on the deck of our first home, under the stars.

That home was truly our blue heaven, when in time baby did indeed make three.

Yet, we moved . . .

And on the second day of prednisone, I moved too!

Being able to move, without the aggravation of reluctant joints, is a delight. Enjoying a lessening of eczema’s company may not restore all my charm, but I’ll take it!

Thought for the Day, that might make tomorrow a better one:

If you understand the grace of God, you should never get up on a high horse – Alistair Begg


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