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On an earlier trip this year to Maryland, an unexpected benefit of finding myself on antibiotics for one problem was a reprieve for another — from the annoying problem my hands have presented for three years now.1   Relief has continued slowly and little by little. Then, on our recent trip to West Virginia, something that was, on the one hand, unpleasant — on the other, accelerated healing.

The beauty and serenity of our surroundings came with a startling smell and taste of sulfur, which permeated the air and water. Although it was safe, we didn’t drink it; we did, however use it for everything else. And within a day or two, I noticed the water seemed to soothe my fingertips and palms.

Was that pungent water actually medicinal? (After all, the spot we visited was near the therapeutic waters described as America’s first spa — Berkeley Springs)

I don’t know – but I am grateful. And curious . . . why sulfur was never suggested as a remedy?

Oh well, having stumbled upon its potency and added yet another ointment to my collection of “cures,” I am happy for the reprieve from the daily distraction my hands have been — for now sulfur is a blessed and different approach to relieving a chronic problem. 2

The daily annoyance that comes with whatever is afflicting my hands remains a valuable tutorial. From Dr. Tony Evans:

You may think you don’t have everything you want, but God expects you to be grateful for what you have.

Not having the unlimited use of my hands is a constraint I never imagined. But I still have hands to use!

Little tiny pings of pain when I try to do simple tasks still startles me – but feeling is part of living, even the hurt.

Having to use creams, lotions and salves, and having to don clunky gloves to do routine chores is a hassle I hate. But, hey, these are tasks I can still do for myself! Not to mention having the resources to buy calming lotions and protective gloves is a blessing many do not have.

Not having a clear diagnosis and remedy for so obvious a condition is frustrating. No spoonful of sugar comes to mind to make this one go done.

For now, however, I can plainly see my hands’ skin being restored — It is GREAT to experience relief! I can so relate to the one leper3 who came back to thank the Lord. (Luke 17:11-19)

  • Have you experienced unexpected relief dear reader — from a chronic issue or heartache?
  • What did you learn – or are learning?
  • How did you learn to express your gratitude?

Living with annoying, persistent problems? Here’s a Deep Thought from the Quotegarden.com:

If you want to forget all your other troubles, wear too tight shoes. ~The Houghton Line, November 1965




1Do I Need Knee-Pads for My Elbows?)

2 Living with Thorns

3 The Disease that Shuns

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