How to Keep A Quiet Mind

Keeping a quiet mind in these uncertain times is hard work. Advent shows me God did not die and leave me in charge. That’s a great stress reducer I frequently forget.

I have been learning that the run-up to Christmas —Advent — is a time for me to reflect on the past year, and what I have done with all I have been given. ( The First Sunday in Advent)


A Seasonal Aid to quiet my mind

Now, that’s enough to quite unsettle my aging mind — But keeping a quiet mind as I realize I am a wee bit closer to actually seeing “the Reason for the Season,” is . . . also unsettling. 

Not that I have any imminent plans to depart.  However, the knowledge this is a crazy old world our kids and grandkids will be living in . . . without me . . . to guide, direct, advise and pray for . . . well . . . God did not die and leave me in charge, did He?  

Maybe that’s why in ADVENT worship services, the first candle is Hope — God I hope you are as merciful to those I love as You have been to me —  

Advent’s a good opportunity put my fears, regrets, and worries into words and tell God why I am agitated — It’s like I am sitting on God’s lap asking Him who will take care of our kids and grandkids if I am not around?

Seriously . . .

Prayer Helps

quiet mind

how a quiet mind might look

I pray for each precious one: to rest in the only One who will take them through the rising tides and fires. (Isaiah 43:2)  

Prayer quiets my distracted mind. So, too, does the realization Christ the Lord is not in the manger.  

The quiet mind: When our Lord bade those to come to Him who are heavily laden, He meant those laden with worry or misunderstanding of confusion. To those who come, He promises the blessing of His peace. Only under Him can we keep quiet minds.

The manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal. — I Corinthians 12:7 (A Book of Days for Christians, page 219)

You might quiet your mind with this: Advent Meditation: Christmas is Meant for Laughter 

 Or a newer “carol” helps calm my anxious thoughts: O Come All You Unfaithful. It’s easy to sing. 

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