TV news, handheld devices limit my focus; so, sometimes it’s just good to have a reason to  look up.  (NASA: Landscape of a Star Birth)

look up

And I am grateful for the scientists who figured how to really look up, way up. 

Or are we looking back? ( A Dying Star )

I don’t know —but,  these pictures serendipitously appeared right before our neighborhood Bible study  was to have begun the Gospel of John, studying the Prologue. 

To look up and see so much light in the darkness that may have happened many millennia  ago,  just as I was about to plunge into eighteen familiar verses — verses that boggle my mind the way  the images the Webb telescope  made me  wonder . . . Psalm 8 came to mind:

O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! who hast set thy glory above the heavens.

Sadly a summer storm blew up and created enough of disturbance that  postposing our class was a wise decision. 

But what a delight these new NASA images are; what an aid the cartoon illustrates  how John said Jesus came in his Prologue.   

Now all I need is some music —Majestic choral music! What would you recommend?

For now though  Singing with James Ward, I am — as I am looking up to so many worlds unknown.  


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