At the beginning a sermon series on JUDGES*, the pastor asked a similar kind of a question to Judges 2:2— but the phrasing burrowed deep: What did you think would happen?** 


Pondering a Question ~ The Thinker by Edvard Munch

Whew! Not thinking about the consequences of those simple choices —daily decisions that are like rote — still can take me places not worth going. 

I guess that’s why Joel 2:25 brought me up short the first time I heard it. It was a game-changer; still is. 

The GOOD NEWS is that the God of my understanding still lets me make choices —even in the limitations of this age and stage. Having a pulse confirms this. 

Stipulating then, that  God did not die and leave me in charge of much,  how am I doing with what is still mine to tend?


Pondering a recurring question

What do I think would happen if I 

  • just listened instead of working on a rebuttal? 
  • simply chose to pause — before acting on what I kinda know is a poor choice of time or resources? 
  • actually did the next thing — albeit  a dull, menial, or insignificant task? 

 What would happen? 

It wouldn’t change a whole lot . . . The headlines would remain horrifying — illnesses and broken hearts would still proliferate — and the propensity of mankind to be remain willfully ignorant of God would not diminish.  

But maybe Doug would have a better day. I know I will. Jut for today  — Little steps take me to better places, anyway.

 Another Question:

How goes it with you dear reader? 

**Sermon audio link: Why Have You Done This

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