A Simple Movie*

A grandson introduced me to a movie, The Bridge to Terabithia, which reminded me of painful thoughts and regrets. However, the movie lifted me and cleared a path through the underbrush of despair that often crowds out hope.

While I never read the children’s book upon which the movie is based, the tale is anchored to a true story. It is full of simple true truths for complicated times.

Watching this kids’ movie with a beloved grandchild, I gleaned some fresh insights into old, troubling weeds that invade this autumn’s garden.

My take-away:

  1. In a crazy, wonderful world, look for God’s creative genius, and be a soul who shares His love: keeping our eyes and minds open to wonder.


  1. Bad things happen because we do and say mean, self-centered, and careless things, and when others do and say hurtful things and words. We can often choose brave and kind responses, and we can choose not to inflict further harm.


  1. Yes, the reality of God’s gift of His Son includes the fearful warning of damnation for spurning His love – but remember to look at the Cross. The Old Rugged Cross was the background hymn in the “church” scene the movie: a reminder that God’s great gift is for all who accept.


  1. And those of us who believe Christ paid for all our petty, mean, silly, wicked, stupid, cruel, and contemptible sins, can do a better job loving and comforting the hurting.


  1. When we do wrong and hurt others in our own pain – make it right.


  1. Build bridges, and invite people to cross with us.


And today is as good a day as any to keep my eyes open for wonder, my heart willing to see God at work in ways I can’t understand, and my hand open to help.

*Source for Artwork

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