Through a post on Facebook from Painters from the North I discovered a still life by a Swedish artist, Olle Hjortzberg who lived from 1872-1959. 

still life

from Painters from the North

Studying it, I discovered a message, a familiar one in my autumn’s garden; it keeps me steady in a time that packs an emotional wallop — The artist was living  through equally horrifying times as I am, and kept to his craft.

Its Message

This painting of a vase of casually arranged summer flowers, perhaps the next  inspiration for a new painting for me, also  hints at the finished works with framed art in the back ground. Moreover, the vase sits alongside tubes of paint, and artful clutter. The date in the lower left indicates the painting was completed in 1935 — a hard time for Swedes — for all of Europe, for the the Jews. 

Seeing the date of completion — taking in the composition, and enjoying the the artist’s creativity, the still life and its message echoed  a quote from a favorite pastor, Tony Evans: Don’t let reality limit you. 

Oh Right! 

Given current events, the joys of maturity and the sorrows of loved ones, I can feel pretty limited!  

Well, who hasn’t Princess, Hjortzberg’s painting asks. 

Remember that pulse you keep saying gives you purpose? Pray and give — and get on with it. 

Do what you can with what you have, where you are. ~ Theodore Roosevelt 

Oh, yes —Be grateful. 

Gratitude is an art of painting an adversity into a lovely picture. ~ Kak Sri 

  GRATITUDE is still a choice I can still make when so many choices are not really mine to make.  

The painting reminds me to look for the countless little blessings each and every day I take for granted — For instance  — I’ve painted over 200 paintings and still have paint and more canvases! 

The date on that paining also chides me:  all the annoyances I suffer, remember that  women in Haiti and Afghanistan would be delighted to endure them! .  

Olle Hjortzberg’s lovely still life delivers a message someone once said:  Gratitude is the best attitude; but unexpressed – it pleases none but me. 

So I decided to write — and maybe later, paint.

still life

No, it’s not me — something else from Painters from the North

PS: Here’s a link to a fun blog The Benefits of Gratitude

still life

A View from my Kitchen Sink

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