A Tea Rose and Where It Took Me

Awhile back, a small painting by Linda Jacobus tickled my fancy. The beautiful tea rose alongside a used tea bag amused me.

Here’s my take:

tea rose

The rose reminded me of one that touched my heart the morning we left Dallas to come home to Maryland.

last rose

I discovered this blooming’ beauty the day we departed Big D

Trying Again

So, house bound in a recent snow, the subject seemed to say, try again. Then, I remembered a favorite mug I keep safe on a top shelf. A chip on its rim makes me sad. I am not looking to parting company with it.

tea rose


That night, as inclement Maryland weather limited my exercise, I took a walk down several memory lanes. I thought about the lessons I learned tending bed full of roses I did not plant, and the winter pansies that rarely wilted in Dallas.

tea rose

Winter Pansies in Dallas

On my walk, I began listening to a new book, These Truths: A History of the United States.* Jill Lapore describes some of the threads by which our nation’s history has been woven together, beginning with the earliest threads, right up to Mr. Trump.

Like Jamar Tisby’s bookThe Color of Compromise, this history overview  makes me wish I’d paid closer attention in some classes and asked better questions. Nothing like daily realizing how little I know about the little I think I know.

Each day learn something new, and just as important, relearn something old. ~Robert Brault

Since March of 2020, that is exactly how I spend many days, learning and relearning old truths  Just when the new I am learning overwhelms me, I remember old lessons. Yes, so much in our lives seems to have come unraveled; but, one thread is secure.

“Attending” this year’s National Prayer Breakfast, I saw that the thread of faith in God that still holds.

Listening to historians tell me about the our nation’s troubles, I’ve learned many new facts about what we’ve done and what we have not done to each other and for each other. At the Prayer Breakfast, especially this year, I relearned some old things:

I heard

  • People from around the world reciting the Lord’s Prayer,
  • Current legislators express how Scripture affects them, motivates them,
  • National leaders pray . . . and not simply read words.
  • Former Presidents and legislators speak of how short we all fall from God’s glory . . . Former Ambassador Andrew Young’s words are especially healing. Our test and challenge is to heal and forgive, and share this hope with others.

An old truth for new and trying times.

One thing attending today’s Prayer Breakfast reminded me, weigh my words even more carefully in these uncertain times. As we wage our political battles, some of our opponents — maybe even the ones with whom we have the sharpest disagreements– have a paid seat at Banquet I hope we will be attaining dear reader!  (Isaiah 25:6-8)

tea rose

sending hugs!

*NYTimes Book Review of Jill Lapore’s book,These Truths

Thoughts of  Past Prayer Breakfasts

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