It’s true: I don’t like to think of myself as losing ground; but:

When your mind thinks you can do what you did at 35 and you’re 70 years old, it’s only a matter of time before you get yourself hurt. (John Erickson)

Maybe it’s because I had so much time on my hands thanks to COVID that I was able to recognize how fast I have lost ground. 

Yes, while there are moments in each day when I simply do not feel the toll time is taking, those moments are fewer and farther between.

No longer am I just comparing reasons for doctor visits with friends. No, now we compare  our most recent “slippage” — like how many more flat-out BLANK brain waves flummoxed us in any given day — like names, words, reasons for walking into a room . . .  

“Ever lie awake at night wondering if there’s something you’re not losing enough sleep over?” Robert Brault

Here’s why the journal is almost an appendage. Of course, on the days the old handwriting is scribbly, I am up the proverbial ship’s creek.  

It’s Also True

I am hoping that what they say about cursive is true — it increases neural connections, albeit in a season where some connections are fraying. 

 Nevertheless, because it is rapidly becoming a lost art, I have tried to write — in cursive— more cards. Doug’s uncle wrote cards and letters — especially thank you notes for anything we did for him. He set a high bar. 

BTW- If you think texting killed letter-writing; it didn’t. See a quote I found from an anonymous grump way back in 1904: 

Oh, I can’t bother to write. If it’s too long to telegraph I just let it go. ~ The Quote Garden 

So there. 

I hope this last week in my favorite month in my favorite season bodes well for thee and thine . . .  There is much truth in the true truths with which I close:

true truth

true truth


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