Waiting for Access

As access to the COVID vaccine becomes a possibility, and more and more friends report that they have received theirs, nervous hope flickers.

We signed up with two hospitals and the county health department — leaving the timing up to the Lord.  Never has this caveat, Lord willing, been more apt; just like James counseled!

The vaccine is not a magic bullet to return us to pre-COVID days— nor is it a guarantee that we will dodge the COVID bullet. The future is still scary.  See what I wrote year ago,

Brand’s Asymmetry: The past can only be known, not changed. The future can only be changed, not known. — Stewart Brand

My guess is we will be wearing masks for a while longer; which may not be a bad thing. I believe masks do slow the spread of may kinds of buggies that seasoned citizens should avoid  (Which Masks work Best)

Avoiding Spiritual Viruses

I wish we had a mask to protect us from all the stuff flying around social media.

Four years ago, Trevin Wax counseled Christians who did not support the election of Mr. Trump, AND those who did, how to pray for the incoming President.  It’s still good advice today – as you read it, just change a few nouns . . . that might be a providential protective mask – the guard I keep asking God to set over my mouth. (Faithfulness in the Age of Trump)

I  just have a slightly uneasy feeling — who wouldn’t given the recent news. So, I am praying for the well being of our nation, yes, But also for the church to be salt and light — knowing that too many Americans are on a salt-free diet and prefer the shadows of their own choices. ( Judges 21:25)


We are Not the resident critics*

I have lost count of the number of my paintings. Yes; cats and goldfish rule my imagination; so do open windows roses and colors. And elephants! But, I sure identify with the goldfish right now! So, while I am waiting for access to the COVID vaccine, I’m going to paint today, Lord willing. And pray.

Ignoring the ELEPHANT in the room, right?

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PS: You might like this resource – and handy summary of the Gospel; we will be reading Ephesians aloud in Bible study tonight.  (Cartoon on Ephesians)  Reading the word of God ALOUD is a good thing.

*Source for Meme

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