Advent is a liturgical time of preparation; a season to get myself ready to celebrate a birthday – the birth of Christ the Lord.  It begins Sunday, November 29 . . .  in the 2020 Pandemic

advent 2020

John 8:12 . . “I am the Light of the world. So if you follow me, you won’t be stumbling through the darkness, for living light will flood your path.”

So, out came my Christmas Album by John Rutter and the Cambridge Singers. Few selections were familiar, but they are now. It’s like unpacking seasonal treasures, as I try to sing with choir. The album has been a handy guide and balm during the weeks before and after December 25th.

The arrangements, music and poetry are like lights, brightening my outlook, especially Angels’ Carol.

If I am to sparkle this season, I need a dependable source of power and purpose. I need a generator because of the rolling emotional blackouts that have come with all the storms of 2020.

Plugging into the world’s celebrations is fun, but fizzles out.

Willing myself to be accepting, upbeat and useful only lasts so long.

On any day I vacillate between Pollyanna and Siggy, the kid in What About Bob? who asks Bob,  “Are you afraid of death? . . .  I’m going to die. … My Dad is going to die. There is no way out of it. . . .

Advent, especially in a pandemic, is a time to prepare myself to celebrate the birthday of the One who says, “Yes, there is: Me.” (Isaiah 9:6)

Advent 2020

Light of the World, c.1851-53 by William Holman Hunt



About the Painting, Christ the Light of the World

P.P.S I’ve added this to Autumn’s Garden —Pandemic Paintings 


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