Well, almost six months have passed, and the revised eating plan hasn’t killed me.  There is life after restricting empty carbs, salt, and other tasty morsels. I can live without what I never really wanted to give up.

Of course, I am spending more on grocery bills.

Not that much; but, the cost of extra fresh greens, FISH, cheese, fruits and vegetables add up when a large serving of salad and more lean protein is our lunch instead of formerly splitting a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich, chips and a ginger ale.

Sounds harmless, enough, right – and it is!

Although combined with all the other halves of the delectables we shared, we weren’t active enough to burn up what we were taking in. (An ongoing problem at our age and stage, for sure.)

Six months ago, while we only had half an apple for desert at lunch, we were known to also split half a pack of graham crackers.  And then we split pretzels for snacks in the afternoon with cuppa joe around 4.

Whilst I rarely served a heavy desert, we enjoyed ice cream a couple of times a week. We squirreled away little sweets; helping ourselves to a piece of chocolate or caramel for a little late afternoon boost.

When I look back and guestimate the number of calories our reward program added to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the am & pm snacks – on our exercise regimenwhat was I thinking?

I think I was channeling my inner Scarlett O’Hara: I’ll think about it tomorrow.

That’s still how I feel about adding a more vigorous exercise program. It’s like that meme says:

If you see me jogging, I am not—something’s after me!

More lean protein, water and complex carbs – included as the am & pm snacks, too – has been a good choice for us, thus far.

But, the holidays loom –  as does inclement weather, and the excuse not to walk. Returning to the “white” ingredients of yummy treats would also hobble the get up and go that sensible eating has enabled. So I need to stay motivated! I hope you do, too, dear reader.

If you pick ’em up, O Lord, I’ll put ’em down. ~Unknown Author, “Prayer of the Tired Walker”

If I had known I would get to be this old, I’d have taken better care of myself.  Well, I didn’t – but I can do better today – just for today!

God grant me the serenity,
to let go of all the wrong things I love to eat,
just for today.
Grant me courage to just do it and
the wisdom to put my health
— and Doug’s —
ahead of my appetite!

I took a before picture, on the Wednesday morning I started a better eating plan at my friend Deb’s suggestion. Cute and oh so Rubenesque! Last month, I took an on the way picture, because the journey continues. Those, I will reserve. Here are a few other pix to show a few changes:

six months

Six months of healthier food choices hasn’t killed me. Is six months enough time to have really changed some unwise eating habits?

I hope I will not do something dumb. . . and return to habits that packed on the pounds the way I did.  Of course for health and brainpower, I hope this; but also because I recycled the clothes that fit the former me–Including sweaters and jackets, and this supposed to be a COLD winter!

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