After the 2022 Midterms . . .

When I wrote  the  last blog, the mid-terms were  looming; apparently voter turn out was good. And America survived! 

Some of my candidates won, most did not; one ballot issue passed, which I hoped would fail.*

Time to  quit being such an opinionated  clay pot! **  

Life Goes On —along with the count

And as this tune resonates,  I remembered  some chores.   

With help, I tidied up the flower beds for their winter’s repose and moved the  pots of geraniums and Gerber daises to the relative shelter of the garage. Also we winterized the spigots.

For a spell, the remnants of this year’s autumn’s garden are cheery reminders of why I love to dig in the dirt! 


“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
― Albert Camus

No, I don’t always know what I am doing outside, but I sure have fun.


I love the frame these flowers are on a chilly November day

A neighbor gave me the name for a plant that has grown haphazardly for several seasons. tutoring me that all daisies are not the same: the same name isn’t always the same plant. (A truth with many applications, even outside of the garden?)  

When I planted daisies similar to the ones I had in Dallas, I discovered this one  I planted in 2016 was not the same plant. Its flowers are sweet, but its foliage raggedy. 

In the spring and early summer it needed pruning! 

Duh . . . 

The good news is the Christmas Cactus is blooming somewhat ahead of itself, sans pruning.


The view from the exercise bike — time to pedal!

And just when I could use a splash of new life! (The Story Behind the Christmas Cactus) 

Wait — did I just say Christmas before I mentioned Thanksgiving (which is arriving two weeks earlier than I thought it should)?  


 Right now counts forever. R. C. SPROUL


Swiftly . . .

Even in an autumn’s garden time counts — especially in an autumn’s garden  — Check your pulse dear reader

After the mid-terms and the chores– It’s back to painting — and listening to good books . . . and trying to understand the times. I sure have collected some inspirational subjects!

*Why Christians Should Oppose Marijuana Legalization 

** The Deafening Silence of Shattering Peace

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