Six Ebenezers!

Wonderful weather and the health and strength to enjoy it!
Sunshine, and an impromptu trip to a local plant store with a friend, and time to plant . . .

May I remember these Ebenezers come late summer when these happy plants are exhausted, sprawling and overcrowded by the weeds I’ve missed. That’s the trouble with April . . . it isn’t permanent.

So, I took a picture – this year’s addition to my memories.

I am back to pots, too, except for some foundation planting.  Here, I put the cannas I salvaged from last year’s garden in the front of the house. I should have taken a picture of them, in the event they do in fact sprout. They look so dead. But I mixed some magic soil the gardening store promised would revive depleted dirt, watered and am trusting my neighbor’s prognostication.



I also added more yard art – another bird – a lady bird in fact to complement the swooping bird who has made me laugh for three seasons. (He’s now a bit rusty.) I’ve positioned them eyeing a dragonfly our grandsons gave me.  I thought it was funny. But Doug said it was improbable that any birds – or fish – would snap up a dragonfly because they taste bad.

Not in my garden, though . . . garden art grows right along with geraniums and hopefully sunflowers.

Once upon a time, I frowned on yard art. Tacky, tacky, tacky, I sniffed. But then I realized yard art could be funny – and a bit defiant.  When we lived a block from the historic district in Annapolis, and I put a small flamingo whirligig and it disappeared. I jumped to the conclusion a disapproving neighbor removed it. Upon reflection – that’s silly.

But the loss of that whirligig made me look at yard art through  a different lens that changes as I get older

Now, I have two flamingo containers that have decorated my garden in Maryland, Texas, and back to Maryland. My daughter gave me another, and I have come to see the value of owls in my beds. I’d say I draw the line at plastic gnomes, but at my age I don’t trust me.

Anyway . . . gardening in April, whether planting roots or posing crazy ornaments, is better than Geritol.

In every gardener, there is a child who believes in The Seed Fairy. ~Robert Brault

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