“I’d rather live under Trump’s  dictatorship  than a Biden Presidency.” This I heard three or four Americans say on an interview clip shown a news show.

I shook my head skeptically, knowing how talking heads can manipulate interview “quotes,” to score points. 

It was my bad, though, for later referencing the comments in a conversation with a casual acquaintance.  

Haven’t I learned anything in the past four years? 

 For, YES! they would absolutely welcome a dictatorship over an elected Presidency—  And they welcome the chance to vote for the candidate who promises, “. . . it would only be for the first day anyway.”

Ten hours afterwards, I still haven’t recovered from the shock. 

The former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor  wanted “. . . a thriving American democracy supported by informed and civically engaged young people.” To that end, in 2009, she founded ICIVICS.org.  

In the past fifteen years . . .  maybe it isn’t just “the young people” who need a civics education. 

What does it mean when a nation comes to believe that the end justifies the means? It means the end. ~  Robert Brault, 2019

What are we looking for in a person we would choose to be President — especially since Monday, February 19, 2024 is President’s Day? 

I can tell you what I am looking for — but I want to hear what you think — for I am truly shaken that I have heard any American citizen welcome a dictatorship! 


prefer a dictatorship

A seated young woman resting her head in her hand,  by Bertha Wegmann (Danish painter) 1847 – 1926 Source: Christina Zaat, Facebook 

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