By Definiton, A Glutton has More than Physical Problems

I’ve been thinking about Frederick Beuchner’s definition of a gluttonA glutton is one who raids the icebox for a cure for spiritual malnutrition.


By Definition Iceboxes Have No Voice

It still bothers me.

One, because I know food can seem like more of friend to me than fuel . . .  just like a bunch of other things – especially social media.

Once upon a time, when I got up in the morning it was just my coffee, classical music and my Bible or some upbeat devotional book to get the pulse invigorated, or me  prepared for the day.

Coffee and classical music remain comforting companions.

However, now often I click on the computer and read a thoughtful meditation from The Park Forum, or The Gospel Coalition  before meandering about to other sites, contributing to a bit of spiritual anorexia.

It’s not the same as flipping open an old Bible, like The Daily Walk BibleI bought in the early 1990’s from a used bookstore on Maryland Avenue for six bucks. I still have it – and it much the worse for wear. But I like seeing the underlinings and comments that track the last years of our homeschooling.

The sidebars, pithy commentary, and pointed questions still propel my spirit to a better, healthier place. Today’s selection on Psalm 51 is such a reset button – to fatten up my spirit. And yep – its sidebar prayer is marked in red ink.

“If our prayers do not change us, then we are not praying right.” 

Whoa . . .

Sometimes I get so busy asking God to change what I cannot, usually in other people, and their problems, I forget to ask Him to change me; to cleanse me.

It’s easier to moan about the brokenness all around me than it is to lament my daily sinful silliness. That silliness just might include being a better friend with social media than is wise.   (Mindful I am that social media makes our conversations possible!)

Grateful to be recalibrating again, I see an ingredient of Rosalind Russell’s tart observation:

Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death.

 Life is a banquet – bounteously beautiful.  Some of it is hard to swallow – even in small bites. More of it, though, is an array of pickings that look appetizing but is full of empty calories.

A goodly portion however is rich fare, from which I am slow to grab,  because I am distracted.

Is this what Frederick Beuchner may have had in mind when he defined a glutton?

Rosalind Russell also said, Flops are a part of life’s menu and I’ve never been a girl to miss out on any of the courses.

That would surely be a definition of me!

The good news is there’s time enough to do the will of God, (Tamara Eaton) and hit the rest button.

All I know is wandering about the kitchen checking the cupboards or refridge to see who misses me still isn’t the banquet the Lord planned for me.

 I’ll let R. R. have the last word – it’s good advice, especially for seasoned citizens!

Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic.

And yes, this is a variation on a theme —  or an umpteenth stanza of the same old song: A Predictable Aging Adventure ;-)


P.S. Here’s a link to who  Frederick Beuchner is, if you are interested.

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