A timely Meme got me going this morning:

Sometimes you need to let go in order to start again. ~Dr. Tony Evans

I didn’t really let go of Christmas though. The trimmings are wrapped and stowed away; but not entirely. I always find something that was hiding during my initial sweep: a plate, a mug, a scary Santa.

scary santa

Scary Santa

This Santa didn’t spend too much time in plain view. I have NO idea from whence he came, but the kids say he’s been around forever and they were very disappointed with me when I tried to offer him as a White Elephant. (But nobody asked to have him live at their house when I offered; just saying.)

Ironic then, that the pretty baubles are put away and he is out and about. Tomorrow, he’s going back to the North Pole.

The spirit moved, however, this morning and I made haste lest it depart and leave me with the Christmas tree still up in April.

Ain’t old age grand?

Have you started un-decorating? A melancholy chore, is not?

It’s rather like shedding my glad rags after a splendid party, and putting back on my work clothes.

The evergreen arrangement hangs on, forgiving me for missing a few days watering. The poinsettia hasn’t dropped any leaves; but the Christmas cactus daily sheds a blossom or three. That old plant has illuminated our sun porch this year!


Angels Are Out!

Plus the Christmas cards are in a neat pile, reminding me of friends and family.   Also, we will keep the wreathe and window candles going until their batteries give out. It’s the lights of Christmas I miss — those and the music.

So, I’ve almost let go of Christmas. I am almost ready to start the New Year.


One of the Angels

I retrieved my angels from under our bed and perched them about the living room. Even if they are a little . . . peculiar looking. They are fun reminder of Pigment School of the Arts in Dallas. I am not going to let go of those memories! Unless the angels scare the grandkids.

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