Applying a New Word to Myself

An apatheist is a new word for me, from a well-known root: apathy. A friend said that is how her son described himself. He’s not an atheist or an agnostic; he’s an apatheistnot interested in God.

And do you know what? Apathy — indifference, disinterest —  plagues me too.

The world news is numbing – so is state, local, and church news. So many bad things are happening; how can there be a personal, powerful God?

Job’s wife used to shock me; but every so often, I can hear her advice drowning out God’s quiet message in the sky, the world, and His word. I, too, can look at disasters as random and impersonal: proof that God – the God of my understanding, Jesus Christ – is not in charge, really. Oh, He may have actually lived, and helped many people, and been a good man. But, He’s gone and I am here, fending for myself.

So, I am content to perch on rocky soil.

  • The decision to look away from both creation and disasters, and look into Scripture is short-circuited by apathy.
  • The decision to avoid fellowship is powered by apathy.
  • The consequence of skipping worship is apathy.

I know this because the propensity to apathy is alive and well in my heart! And in an autumn’s garden, apathy can flourish because pain, disappointment, resentment, and regret are potent fertilizers. I am glad when the Lord uses the familiar to shake me up, and overturn fallow ground.


Logging in My Water Intake

My new Fitbit became an electronic conscience prod. It goads me to get up and go, and its log made me assess another unhealthy habit. When I noted my H2O intake, I was stunned! I have not been consuming enough water – not even close.

How could I have been so careless? I know better about staying hydrated!

My water glass is large, portable, and refillable – but I have not downing and refilling it 6-8 times a day. No, while I carried it along, I simply sipped. Sipping on one large glass of water all day is not the same as intentionally drinking and refilling, refilling and drinking, is it?


I know better about a lot of things I am choosing not to do in this season of my life. And I have good reasons excuses, too. I needed a wake-up call – and God gave me one, lest dehydration harm this old body, and apathy overrun my heart.

Water – free, clean, life giving and sustaining water – is mine for the taking in America. So is the Lord!

Here’s a refreshing link to overcoming Spiritual Apathy. 




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