How Are You Doing, Friend?

How are you doing?

Are you hangin’ in there, friend? I get waves of nervousness that wash over me; a sudden panic I’ll run out of laundry soap, toilet paper or cough drops.

Seriously. Is it too much caffeine, and a bit less sleep than I should be clocking? Or, is the steroid, now all finished, exacting a last hurrah?

No. Wait, I know . . . and maybe you do too dear reader.

Death . . . disorder . . . dismay . . . the first request came to pray for a family who is quarantined from a member dying of COVID-19.

This really isn’t going away . . . It isn’t that I didn’t believe the seriousness of a pandemic . . . I thought maybe they were kidding about what it would take to die out.

Worshipping this morning helped – being reminded to sing, be part of an ancient and modern chorus of voices praising God . . . even if His plans include unimaginable experiences. (Anxiety and the Coronavirus )

Then I heard that the exhortation Be Still has a meaning I did not know – be still translates lay down your weapons. (A Very Present Power)

I don’t like to think of myself as armed against God . . . but nervousness, little bouts of panic or even a full-blown meltdown can have the effect of suiting me up in defensiveness against the one Friend who means good and not ill. (Isaiah 40:27)

Busyness can morph into a weapon too, shielding me from meditation which I learned today is another word for singing:

God strengthens us through the singing of psalms and spiritual songs.     

Be still and sing . . . Jesus Loves Me is starting point; especially if you have forgotten a few words.

Listen and sing!

When was the last time you sang that?

The healing, helping  power of music: I know this – I knew this:  music — psalms and songs has been a great tonic in my own troubled times.  But, as a work under construction, I forget. It was good to be reminded:

Look at the World, and rejoice . . . SING!

And paint!

Hangin' in

Paint, Paint, Paint: Obsessive-compulsion in a silver saint.

The Lord Bless You and Keep You, dear friends. Click those links!  I hope these music links calm you and encourage your heart as they do mine.

hangin' in


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