But Are Artists The ONLY Ones?

Viola Davis thanked God in her Oscar acceptance speech. “I became an artist, and thank god I did, because we are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life . . .” Her moving words brought me up short– are artists the only profession?

She’s right about the power of creative folks – but mistaken that theirs is “the only” profession that celebrates what it means to live a life.

Many professions understand and celebrate living a life.  They enable us to live and bear with us as we live our lives; some put themselves in harm’s way so we can keep living.

How We Live is Why Artists Have Their Stories!

Hollywood prospers because we are screwed up, living we may feel without meaning. It makes its wealth off the messes we make. (MoonlightManchester by the Sea)

The influence of movies and all who make them is far-reaching. Years ago, Ms. Davis woke up oh so many folks, who had discounted the cost of racism, with her interpretation of Aibileen Clark. (The Help)She did a great job!

But, think about other people who did their jobs – do their jobs – so freedom for African-Americans is now a Constitutional right. That story has been messy, painful, and ongoing – its day-in and day-out battles, defeats, and victories might not sell at the box-office.

Would This Sell?

Think also about the folks who want to see to it that African-American babies — all babies — can be born. That, too, is an unfinished, difficult celebration of the value of ordinary life. However, that tale is a tough for artists to celebrate. (See  Juno)

The world into which we hope these babies are born is a dangerous, cruel one. Its citizens are messed and broken – like so many characters in the movies, we spend billions of dollars to see. How has abortion changed the pain?

I wonder what a play or a film about the daily experiences of folks who want to reach the women whose pregnancy is unplanned would look like.

The problem fallen filmmakers face, however, is that the true meaning of life cannot be found within life. ~Jim Denison

I ask that life’s Author and Sustainer is more real to us, dear reader, than its heartaches and hurts, as we live out the life God gives us. Viola Davis’ latest character Rose did, (Fences) – and it wasn’t because she went to the movies!

You might like to see how media can be used for celebrating and saving life. There is much many of us who are not [yet] artists can do to celebrate what it means to live a life!

learning because she lives

Learning Because She Lives

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