Goodbye sunny and seventy! Recent rains and storms that blew through   softened up our flowerbeds, and made transplanting a pleasure.   Note: the leaves on our trees are still gloriously green here in Dallas!


A Bumper Crop of Acorns

An initial survey of the beds makes it seem I am growing acorns – courtesy of a neighbor’s oak tree that overhangs our driveway and garage. It’s branches provide welcome shade this past summer – and now shower us with more acorns than I can keep swept up. Makes even walking a dangerous sport!

the Lavender died back in time for Halloween

the Lavender died back in time for Halloween

The lavender has died back – looking like an old Halloween costume; but I can’t prune it, because this is their first year in the garden. In the first year, I’ve been advised not to prune – a mistake I made last fall when I enthusiastically wacked back too much of their predecessors, and none survived.

What surprised me is the hardy Gerber daises. For two years all they did was propagate leaves, but this year – even in the heat and drought they kept reappearing – as did the marigolds. The roses, alas, have had it for this year.

Today I divided my winter pansies – fingers crossed they survive – to give color on gray days. And, I transplanted the lantana from the pots into which I divided them this summer, from an enormous hanging basket. I did this on the advice of my landscaping friend who assured me they would survive the winter and joyfully return in late spring. The little marker said they are annuals.

The pleasure of today’s chores is knowing I didn’t finish everything. Having a to-do list is a good thing.

garden chores remain

Work in Progress!

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