Better living through chemistry was how this aging hippy once defined the crazy Sixties. The slogan has taken on a different meaning in an autumn’s garden.

But, let’s cut to the chase:  The doc put me on a tapering prescription to see about calming down uncooperative eczema. I feel great!I love prednisone. No Kidding.


I am enjoying RELIEF for outposts of my body I didn’t know were in rebellion.

Alas the doc nixed the idea of making these glorious little pills a way of life. He also took away ALL ointments, OTC and prescription for the time being, and limited me to petroleum jelly and ice baths for crackly skin and flares. This could be a fun three weeks.

Oh . . . and reading the fine print in which the side effects are printed, I discovered the wonder drug might make me susceptible to infections.


At the very time a nasty virus spreads worldwide panic, I am taking a med that might could make me prone pick up the bug nobody wants.

There’s such a thin line between winning and losing. ~John R. Tunis

Whatever the history of the latest scare COVID-19 has had, it presently teaches us how little we control even when we take reasonable precautions. Added to the horror of locusts plague in East Africa . . . and the news from Baltimore City, etc . . .

Can’t you hear the Lord say, We need to talk – pick up

Is it a cosmic coincidence my new book from Tim Keller arrived today?

chemistryI’ll let you know when I finish this.

Forget not Death, O man! for thou may’st be
Of one thing certain–he forgets not thee.
Persian Saying

One thing I know, the gardener in autumn prepares for winter, hoping for spring. So, walking through this medical annoyance is a reminder that tending to my heart and soul counts as gardening in this season.

A wise woman reminds me, while better living through chemistry, prednisone, is giving me a respite, changing my attitude is better tool in coming seasons:

Babies grow up.

Children leave home.

Bodies wear out.

Jobs end.

Neighborhoods change.

People change.

I know this can be sort of a depressing line of thinking if you dwell too much on it, but I think it’s a useful tool to help motivate us to see what we have right now. (the Frugal Girl)

Tonight’s Attitude Adjusting Tool


Never too Old for Sweet Memories

So, while waiting for the severe thunderstorms warning to pass, (and today’s dose of youth and vitality to wear off)  I am listening to the new James Taylor CD American Standard. It’s a collection of love songs that colored so much of our lives. I even asked Doug for a spin around the floor in our robes& jammies.

While I am working on a sketch of our dance, this photo suffices: happy, happy day!


Better Living through Chemistry

 Rich is not how much you have or where you are going or even what you are – rich is who you have beside you. (Christians Quoting )




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