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Another Definition of Living on Borrowed Time

A great question from a family member gave me an insight into a familiar phrase, living on borrowed time.

How’s that life God lent you going?

Faster than I ever imagined, my silent reply!

This time last year, I could not imagine what is now the reality of today’s news. (From Last Year’s Washington Post)

If the late 1960’s set Americans against each other, today the divisiveness seems worse: a riptide that is swamping relationships and conversations at a time when friendships and relationships are most precious.

My life is going so fast, I need my friends and family, whatever their worldviews!

Therefore, it was with relief and delight I read a piece on the Ten Commandments for Talking Politics in the Office. They work elsewhere too!

. . .  [R]emember it isn’t a sin for two Christians to disagree about politics.

Sometimes I wonder if all the cacophony of commentary is deafening us to the simple hard reality: We have erred and strayed from thy ways like lost sheep. We have followed too much the devices and desires of our own hearts, . . . and there is no health in us. (The General Confession, Book of Common Prayer, 1928)


  • No matter how fast the minutes in my day run, they are on loan, borrowed.
  • No matter how confusing the times are, God isn’t.

When I get frustrated, angry, . . . insulting . . . something in me is wrong. And it is usually seeds of fear, frustration, and doubt. I am running out of the time to prune all the weeds they sprout.

Everybody is.

Show me my faults Lord, enable me to see them and repent. Open my ears and close my mouth. Teach me to number the precious, very precious number of days that are mine, and borrowed from Thee. (Psalm 90:12)


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A Lovely Thorny Rose


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