You’d better brace yourself, today, I tell myself as I strap on a well-used back brace. Of course, the old back isn’t the only thing that needs a bit of support these days.

In an autumn’s garden there’s always an occasion to give myself a pep talk, or ask a cautionary question; like: What part of this is a good idea?

Most days, after I tell myself to slow down, I remember if I simply wait long enough, I’ll forget what put me into a rush in the first place!

Alas, as you dear readers know: All the good advice I offer isn’t always perennial; some seems seasonal, and subject to dissipate under pressure.  Maybe that’s why I also tell myself, SNAP OUT OF IT more frequently.

What really helps is laughing, though – beginning with myself:

brace yourself

Note, though, laughing with an old friend about the joy our grandchildren are, is a way better help brace!

She told me that after watching a cartoon movie based on “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” she asked her youngest grandchild what she thought the morale of the story was. Without missing a beat, the little one replied: Always wear underwear.

And that is good advice, whatever our age and stage!

Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects.
~Arnold H. Glasgow*

Seems like Arthur published his first book at age 92 – Learning this and knowing Grandma Moses didn’t paint in earnest until she was  78,  was just the brace I needed for this day!

Here’s my latetest painting.

Beauty is to the soul as food is to the body. It fills a need in us that nothing else can fill.
~Frederick Buechner

And oh, by the way – did you see this?

Pandemic Paintings


*Found Arnold under LAUGHTER on

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