A Change of Plans

I wanted to finish a painting, but a tiny hidden wire interrupted me, and changed my plans.

An inoperative light bulb warned me of trouble. The refrigerator died on the very day I agreed to supply a meal for a friend. Suddenly puttering with my paints was not possible. I needed to whip that casserole into shape fast and soon. And find a cooler, too!

How could a nearly new side-by-side expire? It didn’t – the electrical plug behind it did. When we switched the refrigerator plug to a nearby outlet, it started humming.

But the fix was temporary until an electrician could come, and restore the power to a dead socket. Boy! Were we glad to see the electrician and his apprentice!


A Broken Wire Interrupted My Plans

He confirmed: one little wire in the panel box slipped, oh so silently; then, power quit flowing to the outlet, and the reason for being of that appliance changed. Instead of keeping decay at bay, the refrigerator would have hastened it, had we not noticed the light was out when we opened the door.

Inoperative lights

They sure can be a tip-off something might be wrong with the power source.

Call it an object lesson – that tiny broken wire that interrupted my day reminds me of a current events problem.  (Pun intended!) Some national “lights” seem out; we have some “dead sockets,” in our government; no power seems to be reaching them — and I wonder where the national repairmen are to reconnect us.

Broken Connections May Have Interrupted our National Plans

One unique American wire that looks broken to me is our mutuality — We must hang together, or we will assuredly hang separately, Ben Franklin warned. We all seem to be on a separation trip!

Could this be one reason we are not getting power to preserve what is good and necessary? It’s sad to see so much spoilage that all our heated passions are stirring up.

In an article in the Dallas Morning New, Dr. Ben Carson observed and asked:

“Teaching people to depend on each other and work together in order to accomplish a goal will determine what happens in our entire nation,” he said. “Are we able to work together to accomplish a goal, or do we fight with each other continually?”

Good question, Doc!

The good news, I know a Helper who is happy to be of assistance! (II Chronicles: 7:14 )

Whew. All this activity and deep thinking sure can drain the dwindling creative juices. I wonder if Mary Cassatt or Grandma Moses had these little intrusions.

Perhaps today I will solve my painting’s problems. And here’s hoping today we will all work on solving our nation’s power outage.

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