I would have taken a picture, but who needs to document clutter?

The other day I decided it was time to spread a little seasonal cheer, and out did myself. Even the dust bunnies were hiding, as I brought seasonal decorations up from the basement, and switched motifs from autumn to Christmas.(Happy Ghosts)

My house looked like a Christmas decorations’ bomb went off. Accentuating the impression of debris, Amazon packages of gifts I intend to give but have not wrapped were spilling out of their nooks.

The art room is only marginally better – Two paintings are in progress; my granddaughter’s and mine.

I have brought some order—but Martha would shake her head.

However, as I survey progress this far, Christmas music abounds. We have collected some CD treasures!  For now, I favor mellow piano solos.* But, Robert Shaw and John Rutter and their splendid choirs can sure lift a drooping spirit.  So can Christmas at Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir!


Not Everything in the Basement Made it Out

How are you faring this holiday season, dear reader?

My chore list today is a pain in the neck, reminding me my H.A.D.D. isn’t mellowing with age. But, where is my GRATITUDE list? Perhaps languishing under the clutter?

Let me unearth that now, remembering perspective is still a choice.  So is Christmas cheer, hope and peace in these upside down, backwards times.

The pastor of a church damaged in the tornadoes that swept through Dallas this past October caught my attention:

Want some perspective? There is nothing you or I are going to face this year that the good hand of our sovereign Lord doesn’t already know all about. And just like God brought comfort to Joseph in the midst of his confusion, he wants to bring comfort and assurance to you. Your situation might be a result of man’s (or your) rebellion more than God’s revelation, but take comfort in knowing that whatever your situation, the Lord wants to bring insight, wisdom, instruction and peace into your heart as you deal with it. (Need Hope and Perspective? Consider Joseph )

Amidst this year’s Christmas clutter, let’s look for the Christmas cheer: as God brought comfort to Joseph in the midst of his confusion, he wants to bring comfort and assurance to you.

Off to wrestle some clutter . . .


Need Hope and Perspective? Consider Joseph

* Down Came an Angel: Music for Christmas by Jacqueline Schwab, Piano

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