Outside, our neighbors have been decorating for weeks, including a gi-normous inflatable dinosaur and elves scampering up and down its back. Inside a large evergreen arrangement perfumes the air; the Christmas mugs are officially on duty, and I have arranged a few ornaments and trinkets from former Christmases. And a new stack of Christmas cards awaits their messages, addresses, and stamps. Inside my heart, much preparation remains!

christmas arrangement

Sweet Christmas Smells

Daily, the calendar counts down to December 25th. I compose my heart with familiar Christmas music — my favorite is the John Rutter Christmas album – fresh arrangements of ancient music, and lively new carols, too. I wish the whole world could hear these melodies, ponder the poetry, and find hope for their hurting hearts.

God knows how 2015 broke many of our dreams and hopes – as well as brought multitudes of blessings anticipated and unexpected. I pray in the crazy wonderful days that are rushing by us, the help that Christ is to those who seek Him will be your daily gift, dear reader, and mine.

Sustain me, my God, according to your promise, and I will live; do not let my hopes be dashed. Psalm 119:116

Sing with me: I Wonder as I wander

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