Relocated and Rebooted

The last ten years, about this time in December, we would be packing for our annual trek to Maryland from Dallas to spend Christmas. Because of these travel plans, I had few holiday duties, obligations, or responsibilities: my job was to show up and be an admiring, grateful guest. Loved it!  This Christmas, well, Christmas will be rebooted!

christmas changes

christmas rebooted

This year is different – no travel! So, the changes this year include a few new duties, obligations, and responsibilities.

  • Doug and I put up a Christmas tree, albeit a small, artificial one, studded with tiny little lights, already strung.
  • I monitor our supply of hot chocolate and marshmallows and tasty snacks.
  • We both make sure art supplies, Legos and toy cars are easily accessible.

For we have little visitors now who count NO calories, and always arrive with healthy appetites, enthusiasm, and energy! These visitors also come with ideas and zeal to help decorate, too.

Change always comes bearing gifts. ~Price Prichett

Yes, I know – a few of those gifts that change brings can be terrifying as well as terrific. (James 1:17) But today, all the change that has happened in the past twelve months has brought great gifts of people – renewing relationships that God established, and making a few new ones.

But some changes feel like coal in our stockings: being separated from those in Texas whose hospitality and friendships made our times there so happy! And how I miss the Christmas Lights! Nobody does outdoor decorating like Big D!

christmas lights in dallas

Christmas Lights in Dallas

So, we are rebooting Christmas,  making changes this Christmas with what is old and new.

Enjoying Old Memories; Looking to Make More!

I am hauling out

  • Some old and new decorations – a Santa puppet from 1972 and designer paper chains, made just last week.
  • A few old recipes – and some new catering contacts.
  • Christmas CD’s: Happy Birthday Jesus, and What Sweeter Music.

Lord willing, I plan on strolling down several memory lanes, and anticipating some new directions.

What new things will you be adding to your traditional celebrations? What changes this Christmas will you make?


Humor is good this season, huh?

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