Seek ye first . . .

I get why the woman at the well became the town’s most enthusiastic follower of the Lord Jesus – to finally know that God understands, loves, and forgives; that He makes a new way – a simpler path with a fulfilling purpose is exhilarating. (John 4)

Whew! That sudden rush of freedom was transforming for her, and for me, too. When Christ kept His appointment with me, I left a bunch of garbage, and embraced the Cross. (Matthew 16:24) But its splinters were an unexpected by product

For then comes the next day after the big epiphany that God is God, and I am not, and the day after that – not to mention living with equally splintered fellow Christians in a world that isn’t thirsty for the water Christ offers.

Besides, the world looks like a fun place, filled with people who seem to be doing just fine with the water from their own wells. And their cups look so sparkly and innovative . . . perhaps borrowing some of theirs might make me look more open-minded than insisting on my earthen vessels?

Open-mindedness is a good thing . . . especially if I am keeping an ear open for God’s direction. But God’s directions are in the Bible – no longer the foundation of our culture’s conscience.1 It’s hard to take a stand on the Bible, given how accepting our country, and the church have become to stuff God said He hates. (Proverbs 6:6-19) It is both scary and comforting to see that God can expose our hidden sins – as from the rooftops – courtesy of the Internet. (Matthew 10:27) What’s worse, is knowing my own failures to obey when I try to point out Christ has the power to change those who come to Him.

The woman at the well made no pretenses about her past – and I can’t pretend I was not as thirsty – needy – as she was. I still am.

The woman at that well wanted everybody in her town, people who had shunned her, to come and see the man who told her everything she ever did. He offered an unending supply of living water – but she needed to come back to Him as surely as she needed to draw water from that town’s well.

When Christ met me at the well – He freely offered me forgiveness, redemption, sanity, purpose, direction, strength, fruit, eternal life.   But like the woman at the well, who could not at that time, calculate the cost Christ had to pay for the free gift He offered both of us, I miscalculate the danger of wandering from His well, or trying to draw water with any other cup than the one I have in His hands.

Dear friends, where ever you are, and in whatever shape you are, there is a Man, the Son of God, who knows everything you ever did, but patiently waits to engage you – and me – in a life changing conversation.


Unstable Elements


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