Painted Since I Couldn’t Write

I tried doing a painting today. This afternoon I chose an engaging teeny-tiny photo of tulips to translate on to a canvas. Nothing says spring like painting tulips, eh?


Inspiration for Painting

I worked more quickly than other attempts; it’s easier to paint today than write.

I don’t have bright, colorful words.

I am upset that children can get hold of guns and kill each other. Roughly, 1300 children a year lose their lives because others have access to guns. Depressed people can get weapons too, and end their lives. (Guns and Suicide: The Untold Toll)

And we can’t seem to solve this problem.

More troubling is over nine hundred thousand babies a year lose their lives because their moms and dads have access to abortions. We can’t solve this one either.

Restricting access to many kinds of guns makes sense; restricting access to abortions on demand makes sense too.

Returning to God, makes the best sense.

Maybe if we started, really started, there, we might solve these intractable,  deadly problems.(Isaiah 65:2 )


Next time, I’ll try painting from life

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