Container Gardening Fits This Contained Season We are in!

container gardening

Container Gardening in a Contained Season

Fall arrived last week, on the calendar, and today with cooler temperatures and cozy sunshine. What a difference a few less degrees of heat can make! The cooler weather motivated me to plant the pots that hopefully will add a bit of color and style to the beds on the front of new abode.

I have to be careful with container gardening – I have been known to put so many colorful pots in the beds that I created more work for myself, than had I just put in a few extra plants! But being a renter restrains the irresistible urges our local boutique nursery inflames. And frankly, filling and placing the few pots I did took more energy than I thought it would.

Here’s hoping this autumn’s garden will fare well with winter pansies and a few hardy kales, contained though it is for this season.

Contained remains a fitting description for our lives these past few weeks – or month– a description that surprises me with particular and unexpected good things.

Contained, But  with Unexpected GOOD Things

Suddenly we both have had time – time, that we planned to spend doing other things, has been ours to read, or rest, or reflect. We almost regret that the health care folks’ opinion is that we need to get out and keep doing more.

Almost . . .

We are both grateful to have come through a rough patch with a list of things yet to do.

We are grateful a downsizing long distance move is not ahead of us!

And I am grateful I discovered a small rose bush on the side of the house that needs tending — not quite like our Texas’ roses, but a fragrant reminder

Every flower must grow through dirt. ~Proverb


Pansies are for Grandchildren!

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