Two Repurposed Disasters

Last week, I had a few more  painting disasters that I repurposed into oh so modest imaginary arrangements on  canvases I did not want to waste. (Thank Goodness for GESSO!

You see, I over estimated my ability to create paintings from  other painters’ works. It’s as if I heard Mike singing in my head: I Can Do That! 

Big Mistake


                        Anatoly Korobkin and Helen Bradley made it look easy.

Who knew painting a few dandelions on a dark background would be so hard?. Or, adapting a background color would so quickly become MUD.

 I may try them again . . . maybe.

For now, though — I repurposed my disasters into familiar themes.


disasters repurposed

Until I try again, gardening offers diversions and maybe new still lifes, my own still lifes.

I’ve planted sunflowers, zinnias, marigolds and dahlias — not to mention Geraniums! Who knows what summer sessions will produce . . .

Art is the unceasing effort to compete with the beauty of flowers — and never succeeding. ~ Marc Chagall

I Just Wonder:

Did Picasso ever repurpose his painting disasters? I am guessing, YES! (Picasso Repurposed His Work)

The good news is disasters may be repurposed, even if their repurposing looks nothing like the inspiration. There’s got to be a life application there somewhere.

disasters repurposed


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