A Living Definition of DISCOMBOBULATED

Discombobulated is a great and descriptive word for me as 2023 ends. 

First, the last day of this year feels like it should the first day of the New Year.

Maybe because today is Sunday. 

Maybe because I just want to get on with it— and not have to deal with all woo-hoo’s that “2024 will be the best year ever!” 


Great artists say that the most beautiful thing in the world is a baby. Well, the next is an old lady, for every wrinkle is a picture. ~Will Rogers (1879–1935)

Oh! for a Will Rogers for today!

Grump. Grump.

It seems sometimes that there is no such thing as New Year — it is only the old year come back. ~Elbert Hubbard, 1897 

As if a harbinger, I sloshed a bit of coffee on the new study bible — one that is not GIANT print because of the cataract surgery that was a great gift in 2023.   

stained bibleBut the stain on the new Bible cautions me— whatever the pundits proclaim —however fresh the start January 1 is described as being— I bring me, myself and I into it — and we are quite a mixed bag, carrying much baggage.

One Reason for this Feeling

One reason I feel discombobulated is I stayed up way too late finishing The Kingdom, The Power and The Glory, by Tim Alberta. It was quite an overview of how the church foundered in recent political waves.  

And yes,  I could recognize some unfortunate political rabbit trails pundits recommended, that I followed.  Therefore, I am grateful for not just the chastisement— but also the HOPE Mr. Alberta shares in his book.  


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Dispelling feelings of discombobulation is knowing that very shortly, our Bible study will recommence  and we will be reading James’ letter to the church. James offers such practical advice — like if you don’t understand, ask God for help— and keep your mouth shut until you have something worth saying. (My paraphrase.)

Come to think of it, James may be quite the antidote to the poisonous politics, etc.,  in recent years! 

“In obedience to their king, Jesus, Christian are to build among themselves a genuine counterculture, in which the values of the kingdom of God rather than the values of this world are lived out.” Douglas J. Moo, The Letter of James

Hopefully 2024 will be a year when the church experiences a cleansing reform, and renewal — and a resurgence of usefulness in crazy uncertain times, just like James urged. 

Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits. ~Author unknown

May that NOT be you and or I, dear reader! 

May we step into a new day willing to change what we can, and accept what we can’t. 


Eschew Discombobulation


PS–You Heard it from Me!

leap year



You might like this article in The Atlantic: The Only Thing More Dangerous Than Authoritarianism By Tim Alberta  

Also — here’s the study guide for JAMES we will be using. 

not discombobulated!

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