a humble question

A Humble Question

What Do You See?

The Specific Issues have changed since I first wrote this — but not the question  has not.

The question came to mind as I perused the headlines in the paper and on line.

  1. Sexpo sues Dallas after ban remains – The mayor and city council don’t want a triple X entertainment venue at the convention center: Government stands up to do something sensible and is about to be smacked down – for infringing on someone’s right to profit and enjoy what is wrong.
  2. Meanwhile, Chick fil a rocks another American University . . .
  3. And Donald Trump is apparently the unstoppable candidate. See an article in WORLD Magazine on The Big Gamble.


  1. How does unfettered public access to pornography make us smarter, wiser, better people?
  2. How does stating plainly the point of view that marriage is between a man and a woman harm college students?
  3. How does promoting gambling for relaxation and vacations help communities and citizens?


  1. Well, it’s my right to look at what I want – no matter what it costs those posing for it.
  2. It’s my right not to have to think about your opinions.
  3. It’s my right to spend my money any way I want – even if I am on government assistance, and the facilities cost taxpayers.

Three hot-button issues – skipping abortion, euthanasia, and relaxing marijuana laws; or, the governing powers that be, and the unstable imploding world – lest my keyboard spontaneously combust – and I know I’ve backed off some friends and family. :-(

Remember Hans Christian Anderson’s story, The Emperor’s New Clothes? Does anybody else see a buck- naked Emperor?

No, No – This is the best of all possible worlds. . . right?

I don’t think so . . . I don’t think we are more compassionate, wise, or kind. I think we have lost our mooring when we – the church — cast off from God’s care so that we might be palatable to the world. (Please read Catch the Little Foxes)

Oh, God give us ears to hear Your Voice,

and a heart that is willing to come home. ( Isaiah 65:2 )

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