Why We Don’t Just Get Along

Thinking is hard enough at my age and stage, without some Americans wanting to think they can “equalize”what can’t be.

The rights to think and to speak – are rights not all the world shares. When in human history did denying or policing people’s right to think or speak change them to conform with conventional wisdom?

 No man is good enough to govern another man without that other’s consent. ~Abraham Lincoln

Yet, a growing number of Americans with the political will, resources and power want to make sure we all play nice in the sandbox that is life. (And without a Referee!)

Will Rogers observed, “The short memories of the American voters
is what keeps our politicians in office.”

He said that almost one hundred years ago.

Also, he said: Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.

People who do not believe in God believe in their ability to enforce their worldview. Alas, the church has stumbled under this delusion, too.

Democracy gives every man the right to be his own oppressor. ~James Russell Lowell

So many of our wars grow from the determination to make people behave better. We can’t seem to believe the best about humans – probably because we are prone to behave so badly.

The power to change needs more than one’s will power.

To change – that is, let go of harmful, prejudiced, knee- jerk reactions – means keeping an open mind. (Not so open my brains fall out, though.) It also means reading –widely.

Jeremiah warned the religious and the secular alike, telling them their arrogance of their hearts deceived them, and destruction was coming.  Yet, He holds out hope.

I can amend my ways; I can’t change my hope that God is infinite and personal and speaks, too. That He will help the hurting, find the lost, and reform the [self-] righteous.

Apparently, if current legislators on local, state, and federal levels are successful, testing this hope will come faster then I ever imagined.

Here are two information links:

FAQs: What Christians Need to Know About the Equality Act

HR 5– Equality Act (Hearings have been held already on the April 2, 2019)

Is it too late to speak up, respectfully; petition briefly, or, pray, seriously — pray for those whom we have elected?



The Four Freedoms

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