Be a Good Steward of ALL Creation!

Earth Day may have complex political goals that can divide folks. But Earth Day reminds me to be a good steward of all God’s creation — the waters, the air, the land; all the creatures in or upon it, especially the humans who can make a real mess of creation!

When Earth Day comes around each year, spring is blooming, presenting me with real environmental problems to solve — weeds and ants – ubiquitous harbingers of warm weather. My solutions can either promote life, or poison it.

Mindful then of my job description, I am re-evaluating what I use, and where to overcome weeds and insects. I mixed up some weed killer with vinegar and salt, and I am planning to mix up an insect deterrent with peppermint oil. (Substituting rubbing alcohol for vodka.)

Will either one save the Chesapeake Bay or reduce global warming?


But change comes when one person – one person – is willing to do something differently. * (Esther 4:14)

I have all sorts of practical excuses for taking chemical short cuts to get rid of weeds and pests. And frankly, I am such a multi-miniscule sliver of the environment, who am I to think what I do matters? Who cares, anyway?

Perhaps the One who knows when a sparrow falls, cares? (Matthew 10:29)

If God values sparrows and grass, He also values people – many who can’t tell their right hands from their left. What might He think of our complicity in a culture that eliminates its unborn children, or ignores the poor? (Proverbs 24:11-12)

Doing our bit, little or large so the next generation can enjoy the beauty of the earth matters! Who knows, but for such a time as this, even one of us simply using more earth friendly chemicals may reap a rich harvest.

Energizing our stewardship of creation, therefore, must include how we care for the families who face unplanned pregnancies.

If saving our planet is a worthwhile purpose – and it is — persevering the lives of the unborn, and contributing to their well-being is a simple choice we can each make, one step at a time.

How? It might just start with willingness . . . and check out this link:Heroic Media

* Musical Reminder  ~ Here I Am Lord




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