Exhaustion is not an uncommon companion at my age and stage.  While this feeling of fatigue reminds me of how I felt in 1968, it is more palpable and David French’s  description captures well the worn-outness I feel.

But, also the hope:

“ . . . The exhausted American is hungry for simple decency, and will seek out friendships on the left and the right, so long as respect trumps differences. Even the most extreme disagreements are manageable so long as a friend is willing to listen and learn, and you’re willing to listen and learn in return. . . “

Like David French, I have spent too much time on “the polarized wing” — and now realize it was an unwise use of time and effort.

 My hope is that somehow our nation — the world — will rethink how we help people “choose life,” in these days of collapsing common sense and compassion. 


Rock Solid Memory

I am proud to be an American

thankful for the freedom to help, serve and pray—

GRATEFUL for the men and women who lay their precious lives on the line so I can enjoy life today . 

So, still longing to be the change I hope will bloom, I pass along wisdom you may remember  from one tireless Navy Seal in 2014:

Exhaustion is no excuse not to make our beds: Make Your Bed!   

Praying as God  revives and reforms His church in American and the world that we will be the hands and feet of the only One who can give rest to our souls. 

There is No Excuse Not to Make Our Bed . . . even if it is our 246th birthday. Just saying.  

I Make Mistake, but I am NOT a Mistake! Neither is the USA! 

P.S. Don’t forget to watch 1776!

P.P.S. Did you make our bed? 😉 

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