Fifty years ago, what was YOUR song? You know that little tune that just captured your romance? OK – maybe you weren’t even alive 50 years ago.

This time 50 years ago, a very specific  melody  went through my curler laden head. My bridesmaids had arrived and I was getting ready for the best, big limo ride I ever enjoyed.

Then my future husband called to speak to my father — and told him, if he were late, to our noon wedding, he would be there.*

So in anticipation of our “GOLDEN,” when our granddaughter asked us what was “our song,” I quickly answered: “Get Me to the Church On Time.” (I don’t think she knew it.) 

However,  for different reasons that silly wonderful song is one that still resonates. 

Now,  that’s not the only special song I think of when I think of us.  

On one of our first dates, we went to see Fiddler on the Roof, and two songs touched me deeply, and I believe capture the wonder a good marriage can be.

Sunrise, Sunset 

Do You Love Me? 

Of course, other music includes If I Loved You — I remember Doug singing that to me . . . Some Enchanted Evening come to my mind, reminding me of how I felt the evening our friends introduced to each other. 


Because we didn’t have the plastic bride and groom on our cake Doug wasn’t sure we were married.So, I gave him this.

So you better believe that  I was singing Get Me to Church on Time! in that limo slowly meandering through traffic that Saturday  in Georgetown fifty years ago! 

Lots of other songs have fit us through the . . . decades. 😉

I don’t know the love songs of this generation — what our grandchildren will be singing to their beloved . . . but I wish, hope and pray that  they will have songs of love, companionship, trust and hope — and much joy. 

And I wish, hope  and pray that for you, too, dear reader . . . that you have songs — even through the night. Job 35:10



God Got Us to The Church in Time


* Are We Married If I Can’t Find the License?  

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