Finishing Ecclesiastes

Finishing Ecclesiastes our Bible study slogged through the twelve chapters of  often depressing and conflicting commentary on everything under the sun. 

One takeaway has been: 

Enjoy what you have today because the older we get the darker the times seem — or, are!  

An even more compelling takeaway was

 The Quester did his best to find the right words and write the plain truth. (Ecclesiastes 12:10)

That’s because no matter what the shibboleth says: words do break bones.

And we live in bone-breaking, heart-hurting times, do we not? 


Wisdom for our Times from The Garden of Bright Images, Facebook

Applying the Lesson of Ecclesiastes

Oh ! that I had words to redirect this generation’s stumbling steps; my own as well  — but Solomon had the simplest — soundest words:

 But regarding anything beyond this, dear friend, go easy. There’s no end to the publishing of books, and constant study wears you out so you’re no good for anything else. The last and final word is this:

Fear God.
Do what he tells you.

And that’s it. Eventually God will bring everything that we do out into the open and judge it according to its hidden intent, whether it’s good or evil. (Ecclesiastes 12:12-14)

 Not sure how embraceable that wisdom is in these hurting times, but finishing Ecclesiastes, I look forward to camping in Proverbs for the rest of the summer:

From a wise mind comes wise speech;
    the words of the wise are persuasive.

 Kind words are like honey—
    sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. (Proverbs 16:23-24) 

You might enjoy this commentary on Ecclesiastes  by Richard Belcher 



And here a few former wrestling matches I have had with using the right words

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