So, finishing up the first day of the countdown to a major anniversary, I’ve got to say the day had its ups and downs.

Ups included just being able to be together and enjoy our company, seeing some family, sharing meals and splitting a slice hot apple pie with ice cream — after devouring our crab cake sandwiches.  Not to mention fresh flowers! 

The downs included having to sit in the basement waiting for the tornado watch to be lifted so we could go out to dinner — so we missed the “Blue-hair Specials.”

But the storms brought rain, which meant no watering after dark!  

the first day

Now, I am ruminating over snips and snaps — this and that — may I show you?

the first day

Clippings my parents kept: before the wedding and after.

I found the bill for the caterer for our reception:

the first day

We may have made a $500.00 deposit. I forget — but still . . .

I came across a note to Doug from a Washington Judge. Here’s The Story Behind the Judge Bacon’s Note

the first day

You can’t make this stuff up

the first day

Our wedding was many years ago. The celebration continues to this day. ~Gene Perre

Looking forward to the second day of the countdown to a major anniversary, I don’t take anything for granted

Awhile Ago . . .


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