Fleeing a funk may be a bit more challenging in this season of life; weighed down with memories and memorabilia that aren’t always easy to share. 

I’ve been in a funk — or a slump —-  for a spell. 

Whew . . . 

My inner Mary Engelbreit has been warning me to SNAP OUT OF IT. 

Easier said than done . . . how-some-ever:

What I choose not to change, I am choosing to keep in my life.
~Self-Brain Surgery with Dr. Lee Warren


A Question to Ponder


There’s a lot in my life that I think I have changed; but some days I discover: no, I just put it on a different shelf. 

You can close your eyes to reality, but not memories ~ Stanislaw J. Lee, (A New Day, page 66 )

Possible FUNK Enablers: Memories

So many memories of times past have been front and center for several weeks — hardly helping me flee this funk.  

You see, I have been down in the basement purging — tossing memorabilia, pictures, letters, and other bits and bobs — including pictures of Doug and me — and all sorts of folk— in our “salad days.”  

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them. Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Had I been more organized, and scrapbooked them all, maybe I could have limited the memories’ wallop as I opened envelopes of multiple copies of photos, calendars, postcards, programs and letters.  


from Garden of Bright Images

But there they were — tumbling little testimonies of tons of good times — and not so good times. All testified —  

You have been too blessed to be stressed. 

For those pictures and stuff  that conjured up grief, regret or resentments?  Well, maybe they are reminders to not to put off what I can do today:  

Suggestions for fleeing funk that rarely change, huh? 

Taking a Deep Breath, again and fleeing this funk:

“God keeps me as a shepherd keeps his flock. I want for nought,” he said. “I bleat with hunger, and he pastures me in meadows green. I’m thirsty, and he leads me forth to water cool and deep and still. He hoists me to my feet when I am weak. Down goodly ways he guides me with his crook, for he himself is good. Yea, even when I lose my way in shadows dark as death, I will not fear, for he is ever close at hand with rod and staff to succor me.” ~ Frederick Beuchner, Quote of the Day, Originally published in Godric

Providentially, my friend emailed me a quote from Audrey Hepburn: 

To plant a garden is to believe in the future. 

Now,  that is a genuine useful, and timely way to flee from a funk ! 

fleeing a funk

Anticipation based on a memory

PS: Good Advice, huh?


Fleeing a Funk in or outside of the Basement


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