It’s taken four weeks+ to lose what, I promise, would sail right back on in two days, if I listened to the kitchen sirens, and resumed grazing in the chip basket, or candy jar. (I write from experience.) Hence, changing course, (for today) I have managed to shed five pounds, albeit more slowly than some diet plans tell me I would if followed them.


Well, first, I am simply not exercising enough to burn the calories of all I love to eat. Nor, [realistically] will I. But I am consciously hauling my bones around a bit more.

Second, I am eating real food, reading labels for amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. This includes fruits like tomatoes, apples, and oranges. I even eat half a banana for a snack. But, I am resisting baked potatoes and basmati rice; heretofore, a quick way to make dull dinner look interesting.

Starch and butter; what’s not to like?

Third, I read yet another article on maturity and increasing mass, not to mention density. If this article is right,  slim and svelte is the name of a horse that left the barn a long, long time ago!

*Losing muscle mass, (beginning at age thirty)
*Hitting “the change,”
*Resisting exercise, and

Each is why modest weight loss can take me four weeks. Combined with a love of most things edible, they are some of the reasons why lost pounds have always found their way “home,”  in just two days! (Weight Management and Maturity )

But today I still have a pulse, and some navigation skills, away from the junk I love.

Here’s a dumber reason weight loss is slow, and regaining is too easy: the a memory of a few voices, saying, Well, you are just large-boned . . .

You see, when I was ten, I was close to five foot five, my family worried I would be taller than my brother who was headed to six feet. There had to some reason I was so much bigger than dainty family and friends.

The voice that still whispers loud enough to unsettle me is, Go ahead, indulge, you deserve this. . . after all, YOU HAVE A LARGE FRAME. :-(

Old voices, half truths, and unwise advice still sing in the golden years; new tunes old choruses. They still unsettle.

Howsomeever, I also have a purpose today – So, I am gonna indulge a little selective hearing,  tune out the static, and listen for a friendlier voice.

Don’t Listen to the Kitchen Sirens! Nobody in the cabinets misses you.

This one reminds me of unfailing love and acceptance that that has nothing to do with my size, shape, or willpower. (Jeremiah 31:3)

May I offer links to Alistair Begg’s take on Psalm 31? They remind me today, I can make a better choice about more than food.   Enjoy: Part One  Part Two

Thanks for reading – and bearing with me. If you are refreshing your approach to old strongholds,  I welcome your suggestions.


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