Gathering rocks, and remembering just how far God has been prepared to go with me, is a good use of time in an autumn’s garden.

Gathering Rocks

So, in the current Bible study, we have just read about Joshua leading Israel across the  Jordon on dry ground. 

Once upon a time, I associated that crossing of the Jordan with crossing from life into . . .   heaven. 

But the history says Joshua and about 2 million folks entered into battles, literal and spiritual. 

Wait, what? 

Troubles still catch me off-guard. And I know better! 

January 28, 2023 Dallas Morning News*

When the days  feel a lot like guerrilla warfare and other street fights, I am not much different from my forbearers. 

How easily I forget;  mainly because I don’t have a literal mound of rocks to remind me just how the Lord really has led. 

It was good, then to answer the question in the study guide: 

List three times when God has done something special in your life (your “Jordan crossings), and indicate how you communicate them and their   significance to the next generation. (Lamplighters, Joshua, John A Stewart) 

 Easy Peasy: 

Joel 2:25

Psalm 119:65-72, esp. verse 67

Psalm 113:9 

Stumbling Blocks?

Now, if you just look up those verses, they may make as much sense to you, out of context, as a pile of rocks. 

Howsomeever,  when I first stumbled upon them, each reminded me of limitations. 

Limitations are never fun to recognize; not for one who seriously believed the world was her oyster. But I came to see through the verses how the Lord

  •  delivered me out of — and through— so many bad choices; 
  • delivered me from and through alcoholism;
  • gave us children. 
gathering rocks

from the Garden of Bright Images

Yes, it’s taken some hindsight to see how far I did not come on my own.  (A blessing of old age?) 

Serendipitously, this very morning, I received a reminder from the GOSPEL COALITION to keep stacking those rocks in these crazy, uncertain days.

Joel Busby better expressed the liveliness of a pile of Rocks!

I didn’t hear his audible voice… Instead, I received a gentle impression deep in my bones: the Maker of heaven and earth loved me, and he would keep me. He was for me and with me. Further, those promises were just as true for [those I love and give over to Him]. They’d be kept by the same Lord. (3 Gifts of a Thin Place: The Locations That Mark Where We Met with God )


from Garden of Bright Images

A Wee Caveat or three when Gathering Rocks: 

Understanding what the Bible says comes more quickly through fellowship and worship. And willingness to hear from a power greater than myself was the first fog-lifter. Not to mention prayer — a great way to set aside useless rocks. (The Set-Aside of Prayer)


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